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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
45 zoekresultaten gevonden met "A Nightmare on Elm Street":
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.24 The Year of Wes Craven
Lock the windows! Bolt your imagination! The cult writer/director of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" prowls again, unleashing new terror from "The Twilight Zone".
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#7 p.37 The Strange Case of Robert Englund
An actor survives Freddyfication and picks up a megaphone.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#4 p.50 On the Set: Nightmare on Elm Street
The making of Wes Craven's latest flight of fright.
Fangoria#44 p.10 A Cop on Elm Street
A survivor of the teen-idol syndrome, John Saxon has established himself as a character actor and hero of horrors in such pictures as Queen of Blood and A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Fangoria#44 p.27 David Miller Fred Krueger's Main Man!
With guest appearances by Rip Torn, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ace Frehley and Jason!!!!
Fangoria#45 p.10 Nightmare Scream Queen
After A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp is now being touted as the successor to Jamie Lee Curtis.
Fangoria#47 p.10 Meet Freddie Krueger!
The Man Behind the Makeup - Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund!
Fangoria#51 p.2 Scream Greats #26: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 2: Freddy's Revenge
"Scream Greats" Pull-Out Poster #26 ' A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 2: Freddy's Revenge'
Fangoria#51 p.46 The Year of Wes Craven
Lock the windows! Bolt your imagination! The cult writer/director of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" prowls again, unleashing new terror from "The Twilight Zone."
Fangoria#53 p.10 More Nightmares
Fangoria#57 p.50 Wes Craven's Deadly Doubleheader
A Fango fear favorite brings a "Friend" to the screen and prepares a "Nightmare on Elm Street 3" return.
Fangoria#58 p.30 My Breakfast with Freddy
Actor Robert Englund reveals his screamplay ideas for Freddy Krueger's third "Nightmare" and considers the good & bad of the dream killer's second slumber slaughter.
Fangoria#64 p.35 I, Freddy
The "bastard son of 100 maniacs" delivers a slash by slash account of the making of "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors."
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#7 p.43 Snakes Alive!
Kevin Yagher, the man who makes Freddy Krueger so cuddly, emerges as one of filmdom's hottest makeup FX artists.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#7 p.45 Shostrom's "Elm Street 3" FX
Is it real or is it fiberglass? Mark Shostrom build a dummy that didn't make it into Nightmare 3.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#8 p.35 On Set: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
Freddy goes to the dogs and plays nurse, among other bizarre developments, as the Krueger saga enters yet another phase.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#8 p.44 Elm Street's Five-Ring Circus
Yeah, it's another Freddy FX piece. Think you've seen it all? You wouldn't believe some of the talent they lined up for this one.
Fangoria#79 p.6 The Freddy Rap
The horrors of humidity
Fangoria#79 p.40 The New Faces on Elm Street
Two unsung FX honchos get their turns at bat in the Elm Street league. Neither one laughs at the "dog" jokes anymore.
Fangoria#85 p.34 On Location! A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
You asked for it, you got it. The newest installment returns Freddy Krueger to his roots.
Fangoria#86 p.24 Freddy's Fright Fatigue
Robert Englund doesn't mind haunting our dreams forever. All he wants is an occasional night off.
Fangoria#86 p.28 Coming of Age on Elm Street
Proclaiming herself Freddy's first equal, Lisa Wilcox vows: "Wimp, no more!"
Fangoria#87 p.52 Fathering The Dream Child - Part One
Freddy Krueger may be the son of 100 maniacs, but "Nightmare 5" is the offspring of five writers.
Fangoria#109 p.2 Scream Greats: Nightmare on Elm Street
Free Poster. Scream Greats: Nightmare on Elm Street
Fangoria#123 p.58 Symphony for the Devil
You don't have to play his records backwards to hear the demonic music of "Dark Half" composer Christopher Young.
Fangoria#143 p.34 Tales of Screaming Madness
When FX artist Screaming Mad George gets his hands on a project, the result is bound to be bizarre.
Fangoria#291 p.8 A Nightmare on Elm Street
Recreating Krueger
Fangoria#292 p.26 A Nightmare on Elm Street dreams don't die
The Krueger reboot may be the most anticipated - and controversial - modern horror remake of them all.
Fangoria#292 p.29 Freddy's Fresh Face
Jackie Earle Haley has earned quite a bit of fresh visibility in roles that have rendered him unrecognizable.
Fangoria#293 p.59 They are still his Children - Part One
The tortured teens of Elm Street look back on their experiences in the original film series.
Fangoria#294 p.71 They are Still His Children - Part Two
It's a wonder there were any kids left on Elm Street once Freddy was finished.
Fangoria#300 p.66 A Nightmare on Elm Street
Fangoria#337 p.6 Finally ready for Freddy
Finally ready for Freddy
Fangoria#337 p.14 Father of Freddy
Wes Craven looks back on a "Nightmare" that has endured for three decades.
Fangoria#337 p.18 Freddy Forever
Robert Englund made horror history 30 years ago in a part that still gives us nightmares.
Fangoria#337 p.20 Beyond Elm Street
Over the years, Heather Langenkamp's "Nightmare" heroine has endured in fans' hearts and minds.
Fangoria#337 p.22 Krueger's First Kill
Amanda Wyss hit the ceiling in the bloodiest way possible as Freddy's initial victim.
Fangoria#337 p.24 A Nightmare and a Handful
Under the screen name Nick Corri, Jsu Garcia was the bad boy of Elm Street.
Fangoria#337 p.27 Glove Story
A whole arsenal of fingerknives awaits when you shop at Nightmare Gloves.
Fangoria#337 p.28 The Recurring Nightmare
Jack Sholder assumed the director's chair when Freddy made his first return to the screen.
Fangoria#337 p.42 A Nightmare on Elm Street Japanese poster
A Nightmare on Elm Street Japanese poster
Fangoria#340 p.26 Sequel Rites
Producer/director Joil Soisson has put Pinhead, "Prophecy," "Pulse" and more through new paces.
Fangoria#345 p.64 Living Legend
Clu Gulager's long career embroiled him in "The Return of the Licing Dead," a "Nightmare on Elm Street" and more.
Fangoria#350 p.22 Scream Queen: Taking Back Elm Street 2
How a documentary crew and its own reclusive star took back A Nightmare On Elm Street 2. Illustrations by Travis Falligant.
Fangoria#350 p.52 Becoming Nancy
A major horror heroine was missing from fan culture - so one cosplayer became her. Photography by Aj Mast.