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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
67 zoekresultaten gevonden met "Legend":
Fangoria#2 p.64 Greystoke
Fangoria#4 p.62 Greystoke
Fangoria#4 p.63 The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula
Fangoria#5 p.22 The Legendary World of Faeries
Bound-In-Bonus: The Starlog Press Faeries Posterbook! Our biggest poster ever!
Fangoria#9 p.64 Thomas Berger
We've long admired Berger's work, sowe were particularly pleased to hear that his retelling of the legend of King Arthur, Arthur Rex, was optioned for a TV mini-series.
Fangoria#18 p.59 Greystoke
Fangoria#24 p.62 The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula
Fangoria#30 p.60 Legends
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#0 p.28 Reaper: What She Sows
After years as an actress, Tara Cardinal wielded both swords and cameras on two horror/fantasies.
Fangoria#42 p.27 Chris Tucker in Company of Wolves
A new crease in the makeup effects of the werewolf legend.
Fangoria#42 p.63 Rob Bottin
Fangoria#53 p.54 The EMCEE that Ate Pittsburgh
Legendary horror host Chilly Billy Cardille relives the days of local TV terror and launching George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead."
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#6 p.24 Christopher Lee & Howling II
Did the horror legend survive his appearance in the sequel debacle?
Fangoria#64 p.20 My Demon Artist
Legendary comics artist Berni Wrightson kicks out his movie shoes for "My Demon Lover," "Ghostbusters" and others.
Fangoria#75 p.53 Anthony Hinds, Prince of Hammer - Part Two
The retired producer reflects on screenwriting, watching the fall of Hammer Studios and putting up with Christopher Lee.
Fangoria#79 p.20 Halloween 4 ... The return of Michael Myers
C'mon, now, did you really think the Shape was dead? Screen legend Donald Pleasence battles that Myers kid one more time.
Fangoria#81 p.26 Here There Be Monsters
Even with the legendary Dick Smith on board, this year's best anthology series moves at only one speed: fast.
Fangoria#85 p.14 The Original Scream Queen: Fay Wray
When they began making pictures with sound, somebody had to put it to good use. This Hollywood legend shrieked her lungs out with style.
Fangoria#93 p.20 I Am Still Legend
Ever wonder what it's like to be one of Herbert West's lab projects? Here's an insider's view, courtesy "Bride of Re-Animator."
Fangoria#103 p.50 The Mark of Naschy - Part One
In Spain, he's a horror legend; in America, he's been a victim of bad dubbing and silly ad campaigns. A guide to Paul Naschy on video.
Fangoria#104 p.10 Full Moon Rising
An odd mix of vampire legend and Gremlins ripoff plays out in Full Moon's Subspecies.
Fangoria#117 p.14 Roy Ward Baker: Life After Hammer Part Two
Continuing his career in horror, the director ironically had his best experience in an "Asylum."
Fangoria#129 p.12 Full Moon Fever: Werewolves on Reels
Created by sorcery and science, the legendary monsters have prowled the screen since silent days.
Fangoria#134 p.28 Full Moon Fever II: The Modern Legends of Wolf
Screenwriter Jim Harrison evokes mythology that's old yet new to the werewolf genre in his contemporary chiller.
Fangoria#172 p.71 Bram Stoker's The Mummy
Fangoria#222 p.22 Legend of the Phantom Rider
Fangoria#223 p.23 Bloodthirst: Legend of the Chupcabras
Fangoria#227 p.74 Christopher Lee: The Last Horror Star - Part One
He has played more villains and monsters than anyone, but there's more to this British legend than screen bogeymen.
Fangoria#228 p.66 Christopher Lee: The Last Horror Legend - Part Two
The scream great discusses a few career frustrations and reflects on his enduring legacy.
Fangoria#260 p.10 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Unmasking a murderous legend
Fangoria#261 p.28 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Fangoria#268 p.64 I Am Legend
...and he may be history, thanks to the vampiric creatures with which he shares a depopulated world.
Fangoria#268 p.68 The Last Man On Earth
The story behind I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.
Fangoria#269 p.66 The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Fangoria#274 p.60 The Sims Universe
One man has been the mind behind the look of countless movie monsters.
Fangoria#278 p.8 Urban Legends
Fright on your phone
Fangoria#280 p.29 Legendary
Fangoria#281 p.79 He is Legend
Book of the Month
Fangoria#284 p.84 The Top Five Classic Bigfoot Movies
From the small screen to the big, a look at the best in Sasquatch cinema.
Fangoria#290 p.66 Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Fangoria#291 p.77 Brutal Legend
Fangoria#299 p.62 Haunted Legends
Book of the Month
Fangoria#301 p.42 The Legend of Richard Matheson
No other writer has left a mark on the genre quite like he has - and continues to do.
Fangoria#303 p.32 Legend of the She Wolf
Dyanne Thorne won exploitation infamy portraying the merciless Ilsa.
Fangoria#305 p.9 Prescott Place
Aging legend, living doll
Fangoria#311 p.40 Roger Corman in the Poe House
Horror's legendary mogul made his most striking mark with a string of literary chillers.
Fangoria#313 p.26 Poe-tic License to Kill
John Cusack enacts the legendary author as his written crimes splatter to life.
Fangoria#314 p.34 Danielle Harris: Queen of Blood
Harris on her full fright filmography
Fangoria#315 p.66 The Dali Affair
Actress Jenny Wright remembers her strange times with the legendary artist.
Fangoria#317 p.78 Howling for More Werewolf: The Beast Among Us
The hairy legend comes home in a new take on the classic mythology.
Fangoria#320 p.14 The Many Lives of Barbara Steele
The legendary actress looks back on a career spanning decades and the globe.
Fangoria#320 p.34 MakeUp FX Lab Hitchcock - The Making of the Master
Howard Berger shows you how a legendary actor became a legendary director.
Fangoria#320 p.48 The Legend Of Lizzie Borden - A Murderer Bewitched
The notorious, bloody crime was brought to TV with an unlikely star.
Fangoria#323 p.82 Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends Collection
"Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends Collection"
Fangoria#325 p.46 Jess Franco - The Undying Legend
How the video explosion led the Spanish horror specialist to make his belated breakout.
Fangoria#325 p.50 Jack's Journey Into Perversion
Legendary Eurohorror presence Jack Taylor spent plenty of time in Franco-land.
Fangoria#327 p.16 Rise of the Falling Angel
Author William Hjortsberg provided the blueprint for one of the greatest horror noirs of all time.
Fangoria#329 p.66 Born Dead, Still Working
A producer on several fictional fright films now turns to a documentary on a legendary dark cartoonist.
Fangoria#339 p.82 The Boggy Creek Legacy Collection
CFS Releasing's "The Boggy Creek Legacy Collection"
Fangoria#340 p.38 Musical Phenomena
Legendary composer Claudio Simonetti was instrumental in steering the mood of Argento's murder-and-maggots opus.
Fangoria#340 p.42 The Dead and the Deformed
Italian FX legend Sergio Stivaletti made his auspicious start with Dario Argento's team on "Phenomena."
Fangoria#341 p.26 Beyond the Pile
Legendary actor/producer Michael Douglas plays a most dangerous game in "Beyond the Reach."
Fangoria#341 p.56 Master of Monsters
Comics legend Steve Niles continues to give back to the genre that has long inspired him.
Fangoria#342 p.82 Tremors' Attack Pack
Universal's "'Tremors' Attack Pack"
Fangoria#345 p.64 Living Legend
Clu Gulager's long career embroiled him in "The Return of the Licing Dead," a "Nightmare on Elm Street" and more.
Fangoria#345 p.68 México Barbaro Crosses Borders
An anthology from Mexico adapts traditional legends to break new ground in the genre.
Fangoria#351 p.67 Lifecast: Nature Of The Beast
Legendary FX artist Joel Harlow brings a new Hellboy to life.