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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
14 zoekresultaten gevonden met "Mick Garris":
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#13 p.44 Bonus Pinups: The Stand
Bonus The Stand poster
Fangoria#9 p.62 Toys
Alfred Sole has a new project in the works.
Fangoria#17 p.58 Mick Garris
Mick Garris is a familiar name to our regular readers.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.30 Take: One, Part: 2, Landis, Cronenberg, Carpenter
Fear on Film Continues! Moderated by Mick Garris.
Fangoria#29 p.61 Coming Soon!
Fangoria#74 p.28 The Call of Critters 2
Spacehunting Playmates, Chiodos running rampant... The only cute aliens worth watching are back!
Fangoria#98 p.42 Young Norman Bates - Psycho IV The Beginning
Tony Perkins and writer Joseph Stefano reteam under director Mick Garris to explore how Hitchcock's classic character became the maniac he is today.
Fangoria#110 p.10 Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
These unknowns are eternally grateful for the small parts director Mick Garrie allowed them.
Fangoria#111 p.36 Sleepwalkers Awaken
Can an ordinary housecat defeat a mother-son team of bloodthirsty shapeshifters? Only Mick Garris, Stephen King and cameo-heavy cast know for sure.
Fangoria#112 p.32 Putting Sleepwalkers Through Their Paces
Murderous, insectuous cat-creatures who kill with sex... What's a nice guy like Mick Garris doing directing a film like this?
Fangoria#198 p.14 A Life in the Cinema
Mick Garris makes book
Fangoria#259 p.68 Valerie on the Stairs: Writer's Shock
Mick Garris adapts another Clive Barker tale about the deadly power of imagination
Fangoria#351 p.57 My Life In Podcasting
If I were a cat. I'd be long dead by now, killed by curiosity.
Fangoria#352 p.38 A Shared Nightmare
A cadre of talented filmmakers assemble to create NIGHTMARE CINEMA.