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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
21 zoekresultaten gevonden met "Stuart Gordon":
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#6 p.36 Stuart Gordon: Past, Present and Future
In his most comprehensive Fango talk ever, the "Re-Animator" director outlines his upcoming projects, everything from Lovecraft to voodoo queens.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.43 A Moist Zombie Movie
A look at The Re-Animator, a blood-drenched adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.21 Literary Zombies
One of The Re-Animator's screenwriters explains how H. P. Lovecraft's living corpses were brought from page to screen.
Fangoria#51 p.11 The "Re-Animator" Team Returns
Re-Animator star Jeffrey Combs probes new scientific unknowns in From Beyond.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#6 p.34 Men, Monsters & Madness: On the Set of From Beyond
Can the pros behind "Re-Animator" top their previous blood-drenched antics?
Fangoria#64 p.50 The Boys From Beyond
The many merry FX men of Stuart Gordon's creature feature reveal who did what.
Fangoria#75 p.19 Dolls
Fangoria#91 p.46 The Unmaking of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
Horror's best and brightest join forces to bring you the greatest movie never made.
Fangoria#109 p.34 The Pit & the Pendulum
Fangoria#148 p.28 The Castle Freak Awakens
Stuart Gordon returns to down-and-dirty horror and brings his favorite actors with him.
Fangoria#213 p.16 Fear Today, Dagon Tomorrow
Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna and H.P. Lovecraft have a long-awaited reunion on this blood- and rain-drenched chiller. Fango Seal of Approval.
Fangoria#225 p.30 King of the Ants - It's No Picnic
Stuart Gordon returns with a hardcore hit-man thriller that's as brutal as it gets.
Fangoria#274 p.38 Stuck Up and Run Down
A shocking true crime becomes only more macabre in the hands of Stuart Gordon.
Fangoria#300 p.26 Dagon
Fangoria#300 p.38 From Beyond
Fangoria#300 p.72 Re-Animator
Fangoria#317 p.36 Stuart Gordon: Gentleman of Splatter
The heroine of "Re-animator" sits down with her director - and some of his famous alumni - to find out what makes him tick.
Fangoria#317 p.44 Fractured Fairy Tale
While lots of Charles Band productions have featured tiny terrors, Dolls did it best.
Fangoria#317 p.46 Fangoria Cover Poster
Centerfold of the cover with the head of Stuart Gordon in the hands of Barbara Crampton.
Fangoria#327 p.90 Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 11
Echo Bridge's "Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 11"
Fangoria#338 p.44 Dolls