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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.

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Fangoria #299

januari 2011

4 First Rites: Darren Aronofsky: master of horror+
5 The Postal Zone+
6 Monster Invasion
Bitter Feast+
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale+
The Captured Bird+
The Taken+
DVD Chopping List
16 Feature: Join the Circus+
18 On Set: This Land Is Stake Land+
20 Interview: Belle in Hell+
22 Interview: Father of Darkness+
24 Terror Tube: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour+
26 Preview: The Deafening Silence of Dead Space 2+
29 Review: Special Review: "Dead Rising 2"+
30 Interview: Sells Like the Dead+
33 Interview: As the Worm Turns+
35 Feature: Letting the Sunshine In+
36 Feature: The Grindhouse Lives!+
38 Interview: Sex, Death & Poetry+
42 Preview: Black Swan The Blood Red Shoes+
44 Biography: Black and Blue+
48 Interview: This Gig Really Sucks+
50 Minifeature: Gorecakes - Bloody Delicious!+
52 Trash Compactor: John Waters on Ted V. Mikels+
54 Diary of the Deb: Deep Fears in the Deep South+
58 The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops
Best Worst Movie+
Sella Turcica+
Zombie Girl: The Movie+
Cannibal Girls+
Aaah! Zombies!!+
Coffin Rock+
The Dark Lurking+
Crucible of Terror+
62 Nightmare Library
Kill the Dead by Richard Kadrey+
Haunted Legends by Ellen Datlow;Nick Mamatas+
Mr. Monster by Dan Wells+
Ghost Country by Patrick Lee+
Frankenstein's Monster by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe+
64 Interview: The Wilderness Inside+
65 Interview: Carnell's Fright Club+
66 Interview: Shock to the System+
68 Comic Casket: "The Walking Dead" (1989)+
69 Minifeature: Creepy Resurrected+
70 Horrorcade
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West+
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow+
Saw II: Flesh & Blood+
72 Sound Shock: Vampyres+
74 Interview: My Day with GWAR - Bloody Pit of Horror+
76 Minifeature: Who Dares Shoot GWAR?+
82 Monster of the Month: Jane O'Flynn in "Survival of the Dead" (2010)+