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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.

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Fangoria #301

maart 2011

5 First Rites: Caged Heat+
6 The Postal Zone+
8 Monster Invasion
Vanishing on 7th Street+
The Bleeding+
11 Minifeature: The 2011 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards!+
12 Monster Invasion
DVD Chopping List
16 Preview: Buckle Up and Drive Angry+
19 Minifeature: Under Their Wheels+
20 Trash Compactor: 8MM+
22 Preview: Black Death Plagued by Evil+
25 The Pit and the Pen: Picture Mommy Dead+
26 Preview: Red Riding Hood Grows Up+
29 Interview: A Wolf in Rea's Clothing+
30 Interview: Wolfen Part One - A Political Animal+
34 Interview: Back to The Boneyard+
36 Terror Tube: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark+
37 Preview: Dying for Daylight - Interactive Vamps+
38 Preview: Step into The Theatre Bizarre+
42 Interview: The Legend of Richard Matheson+
48 Minifeature: Double Feature: Matheson's Moving Pictures in Print+
48 Minifeature: The Blu "Zone"+
50 Interview: Nolan's Run+
52 Preview: Bereavement+
54 Interview: Brazil is Bleeding+
58 Preview: Who Do You Think We Are?+
60 Interview: From Trash to Treasure+
61 Review: Review: "The Complete History of The Return of the Living Dead"+
64 The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops
Alien vs. Ninja+
Let Me In+
Bitter Feast+
Case 39+
I Spit on Your Grave+
Red River+
Bread Crumbs+
68 Biography: Jim Nauseum+
70 Minifeature: Wynorski on Wynorsky+
71 Nightmare Library
Autumn: The City by David Moody+
Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux+
Elements of the Apocalypse by D.L. Snell;Ryan C. Thomas;John Sunseri;R. Thomas Riley+
Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut by J.A. Kerswell+
When There's No More Room in Hell: The Sociology of the Living Dead by Andrea Subissati+
73 Biography: Monsters in Monochrome+
76 Sound Shock: Mike Vickers on Dracula A.D. 1972+
82 Monster of the Month: The Crawlers from the "Descent" films+