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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.

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Fangoria #310

februari 2012

5 First Rites: Caged Heat+
6 The Postal Zone+
6 Cartoon: Basket Case+
8 Monster Invasion
A Little Bit Zombie+
Night of the Little Dead+
The Monkey's Paw+
Father's Day+
DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List
Fear Film Forecast
16 Interview: Barbara Crampton: Re-Animated+
20 Preview: The Divide - Madness Multiplies+
22 Minifeature: Victim Victorious+
24 Trash Compactor: Michael Biehn on The Fan+
26 Preview: Who's on the Kill List?+
30 Interview: Many Lives in the Dark+
34 Minifeature: Drawing Shadows+
36 The Pit and the Pen: The Food of the Gods+
37 Preview: The Woman in Black - Harry Gets Haunted+
40 Minifeature: His Black Art+
42 Preview: Sleep Tight - Wake to Fright+
45 Preview: South Texas Blues+
48 Interview: Nicolas Cage: Master of Horror - Part One+
54 Interview: A Tale of Two Cenobites+
59 On Set: Underworld Awakening - Black Leather and Bloodsucking+
62 Retrospective: Real Grrrrrl Power+
65 The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil+
Apollo 18+
Julia's Eyes+
The Summer of Massacre+
68 Preview: The Grey - Dances with (Hungry) Wolves+
69 Minifeature: Under the Fang+
70 Interview: Still Hungry After All These Years+
73 Furious Femmes: New Year, New Fears+
74 Preview: Don't Go in the Woods+
76 Nightmare Library
Necro Files: Two Decades of Extreme Horror by Cheryl Mullenax+
The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley+
Harbor by John Ajvide Lindqvist+
The Empire of Death by Paul Koudounaris+
78 Horror Confidential: ZomBcon, October 21-23, 2011, Seattle, Washington+
81 Minifeature: Karen Lam: Filmmaker of Many Parts+
82 Feature: American Ghost Hunter - Paranormal Intervention+
86 Classified Ad Vault
90 Dead Format: Jaws of Satan+
90 Cartoon: Dr. Shroud+