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Ik ben verslaafd aan boeken. Hieronder kan je mijn volledige lijst vinden van gelezen fictie-boeken die in mijn boekenkast. Van sommige boeken kan je zelfs een korte bespreking vinden.



Frank Herbert

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Victor Gollancz






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Only once in a blue moon does a work of imaginative fiction like Dune come along - and since its first publication more than thirty years ago, Frank Herbert's brilliant novel has become a classic: consistently voted the Number One science fiction book of the century by readers all over the world. In the far future, two great dynastic families are locked in a bitter feud. The Duke of Atreides has been manoeuvred by his great enemy, Baron Harkonnen, into accepting the job of administering the planet known as Dune. A vast desert, almost uninhabitable, a drop of water is worth a fortune - but Dune is also a planet of fabulous wealth, for it is home to a drug prized throughout the Galactic Empire. The Duke, together with his wife and son Paul, know that they can expect treachery as they set out to take up their new appointment, but it comes from a source both shocking and unexpected. And when Paul succeeds his father, this gifted youth becomes a catalyst for the natives of Dune: a people who exist in the sand and the heat of the deserts. Unbeknownst to the past rulers of the planet, their knowledge of the ecology of this inhospitable desert gives them immense power. All they need is a revolutionary leader to harness this force: and Paul Atreides could be that man... High drama, treachery and intrigue combined with a spectacular narrative drive: Dune is a novel that, once read, will never be forgotten. This special edition is illustrated in full colour by Hugo Awardwinning artist John Schoenherr, who provided the original covers and interiors for Herbert's Dune stories when they were serialised in Analog in the early 1960s. His paintings were those preferred by Frank Herbert above all others.

Herlezen: 2021-09-20


One word: Masterpiece!

In the very far future, the Atreides and the Harkonnen families are reaching the peak of their unending feud. When the Padishah Emperor - the ruler of all the known worlds - discovers that the Atreides army is becoming dangerously strong, he develops a complex frame-up to wipe-out the whole Atreides family. The Duke of Atreides is invited to accept the job of administering the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. On this desolate, almost uninhabitable planet only one thing is of value: the spice Melange, a drug that makes space travel possible. At first this seems to be a fabulous gift, but soon the Duke suspects the true reason for the Emperor's generosity: with the help of the unbeatable army of the Emperor the Harkonnen family attack the planet Dune. All seems lost for the Atreides, but there is still hope: Paul Atreides, the Duke's son, has more power than seems feasible at first sight.

Dune is consistently voted the Number One science fiction book of the century by readers all over the world. Overrated? Reason enough to give it a try - I thought - so I embarked on this epic voyage to the planet Dune, although packed with quite a lot of scepticism. But surprisingly, I didn't regret my decision for a single moment: this is truly a Classic Masterpiece. The narrative of Frank Herbert is simply addictive; his insight into the fantastic gives evidence of pure mastery. The images used to describe the planet of Arrakis are overwhelmingly strong. The human struggle for survival in the most relentless conditions imaginable is so intensely portrayed that the planet itself becomes one of the major villains of the book. Nevertheless, Frank Herbert writes with such involvement that there is no doubt as to the reasons people might have for living in such conditions. High drama and complex plots, filled with treachery within treachery, makes this book an experience you never to forget.

A must read for everyone interested in fantasy and science fiction.