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Agatha Christie Companion, The

Agatha Christie Companion, The


Len Lovallo, Dennis Sanders

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With over one billion books in print, she's the world's bestselling author, and the most renowned mystery writer of all time. Now, everyone who loves the work of Agatha Christie will love The Agatha Christie Companion. As entertaining as it is informative, it's the ideal reference that Christie fans will turn to again and again for a wealth of information on the Grand Dame of Mystery.


A must have for the real Christie fans

With more than a billion books sold, she is definitely the world's bestselling author, and the most popular mystery writer of all time. In a writing career that spanned more than half a century, Agatha Christie wrote 79 novels and short story collections. It is needless to say that her oeuvre is the ideal topic for a companion.
The Agatha Christie Companion is exactly what the title promises: a book for every Christie lover who wants to enjoy her brilliant books even more. Forget reading this companion without at the same time devouring the books of Agatha Christie. It is pointless. Also if you are just an occasional Christie reader and want to know a bit about the life of the author, skip this book and read her autobiography. Although this companion refers to her life in abundance, it is always linked to a certain book and period in time. Therefore first reading her books and then using the companion to find out some background information would be the ideal use for this book.

Apart from a full catalogue of all Christie's mystery novels, short stories, plays, movies and television shows it also includes plot summaries (without revealing the murderer, of course), lists of characters, excerpts from major reviews and an explanation of the twists of Christie's life that inspired her most famous characters and plots. The authors are not afraid to give their personal opinions, a personal touch that effectively makes the book more digestible.

In conclusion, The Agatha Christie Companion is the ideal reference to which Christie fans will turn again and again for a wealth of information on the Grand Dame of Mystery.