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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
56 zoekresultaten gevonden met "George A. Romero":
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#7 p.5 Uncle George Remembers
George Romero talks about days of the drive-in and how we threw it all away.
Fangoria#6 p.26 Stephen King and George A. Romero: Collaboration in Terror
Considering the popular and critical acclaim both men have received for their work in their respective media, it's not surprising to learn that the two are mutual admirers.
Fangoria#6 p.63 Knights
Fangoria#9 p.63 Knightriders
"Fight or Yield" is the motto of the Knightriders.
Fangoria#13 p.32 George Romero Part One
You've waited for two years - and it's here! Our first extensive audience with the King of the Independents!
Fangoria#13 p.59 For Romero Fans Only - Our Most Exciting Contest Ever!
George Romero follows in the footsteps of Cronenberg and King by allowing us to cheapen his image with another silly contest!
Fangoria#17 p.57 Creepshow
Creepshow recently finished principal filming.
Fangoria#18 p.16 On The Set of Creepshow - Part One
Uncle Bob calls on the Romero family.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.21 Creepshow
A casual chat with Mr. George A. Romero.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#0 p.18 Monkey Shines
George A. Romero's "Monkey Shines" showcased a primate example of his animal-making talents.
Fangoria#30 p.60 Tales From the Darkside
Fangoria#30 p.61 Dawn of the Dead Restored
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#0 p.14 Shining A Light On Darkside
The enduring '80s anthology was a trendsetter in bringing movie-style scares to television.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#0 p.42 Heads and Bodies
How to inflict "Trauma" for Dario Argento while keeping your actresses safe.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.26 "I, Zombie!"
On Location: Day of the Dead!
Fangoria#45 p.2 Scream Greats #20: Creepshow
"Scream Greats" Pull-Out Poster #20 Stephen King in 'Creepshow'
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.43 George Romero on Day of the Dead and Pet Sematary
Will the Zombie Saga Ever End?
Fangoria#64 p.10 Night of the Living Dead - The Remake
Romero wants to remake "Night of the Living Dead" - really!
Fangoria#64 p.26 On the road with Creepshow 2
Fango drops in on the sequel to the King/Romero E.C. tribute, where we find a dead hitchhiker, friends of Tom Savini and - what? No cockroaches?!
Fangoria#70 p.18 The Crazies
Fangoria#70 p.33 The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh: The Films of George A. Romero
Fangoria#71 p.21 Night of the Living Dead 20th Anniversary: Coloring the Living Dead
The pros & cons of paintin' them "NOTLD" zombies green.
Fangoria#72 p.18 Season of the Witch
Fangoria#75 p.20 Monkey See, Monkey Kill
A tale of primate psychosis reunites Romero, Savini and the ol' gang from Pittsburgh.
Fangoria#95 p.24 Pittsburgh and the Pendulum
George Romero and Dario Argento are both genre geniuses redefining Poe in their own terms. And that's where the similarities end.
Fangoria#105 p.10 The Dark Half
Romero and King pair up for "Dark Half".
Fangoria#117 p.34 Two Evil Eyes
Fangoria#210 p.60 Bruiser
Fangoria#261 p.6 Diary of the Dead
Last survivors, first person
Fangoria#263 p.56 The Breed The Dogs of Gore
A protégé of George a. Romero and Wes Craven proves his bite is as bad as his bark.
Fangoria#270 p.46 Diary of the Dead First-Person Ghouling
This time, George A. Romero presents his vision of undead apocalypse through the cameras of his characters. Fango Seal of Approval.
Fangoria#270 p.49 Romero on Romero
An overview of the zombie movies directed by George A. Romero.
Fangoria#271 p.25 Diary: First Entry
What better debut feature for an up-and-coming FX outfit than a George A. Romero zombie film?
Fangoria#272 p.56 Dawn of a New Day of the Dead
Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick had the guts to tackle a reimagining of George A. Romero's classic.
Fangoria#284 p.12 Fangoria Hall of Fame: Knight of the Living Dead
Times have changed and so have his zombies, but George A. Romero remains the same filmmaking maverick.
Fangoria#290 p.36 Mad About The Crazies Part One
George A. Romero's low-budget cult fave gets an update, with bigger action and gore gags.
Fangoria#291 p.6 Survival of the Dead
People feud, people food
Fangoria#291 p.26 Going Crazy With The Crazies Part Two
There's blood and madness everywhere as we continue our visit to the remake of George A. Romero's toxic-terror tale.
Fangoria#292 p.42 Survival Among the Dead
George A. Romero finds new ways to keep walking corpses fresh as he enters his sixth decade as a filmmaker.
Fangoria#293 p.29 Subterranean Shockers
The Descent is a prime example of how the horror film can unnervingly exploit the subjective fear of tight spaces. Some other flicks that have done this rather well...
Fangoria#293 p.41 Dead in the West
Well, not exactly, but a set visit reveals the extramural elements of George A. Romero's latest zombie opus.
Fangoria#293 p.46 Romero on Romero
Who better to review the man's work than Romero himself?
Fangoria#300 p.24 Creepshow
Fangoria#300 p.26 Dawn of the Dead
Fangoria#300 p.26 Day of the Dead
Fangoria#300 p.59 Land of the Dead
Fangoria#300 p.62 Martin
Fangoria#300 p.65 Night of the Living Dead
Fangoria#304 p.62 The Reluctant Vampire
Under George A. Romero's direction, John Amplas brought a different kind of blooddrinker to life.
Fangoria#304 p.66 John of the Dead
He helped George A. Romero stage a "Night of the Living Dead," and they've been coming to get us ever since.
Fangoria#325 p.36 George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead Live
An all-new, totally authorized take on the classic film hit the stage in Toronto, sponsored by FANGORIA.
Fangoria#329 p.32 The Empire Bites Back
George A. Romero brings his hungry ghouls to the Big Apple - and the comics page.
Fangoria#337 p.54 The Making of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead - Special Excerpt
With rare photos from the set of the zombie masterpiece!
Fangoria#349 p.93 This Was An Important Place In Their Lives
Fans gather at the Monroeville Mall to celebrate 40 years of DAWN OF THE DEAD.
Fangoria#356 p.68 The Stand Not Taken
George A. Romero - and many others - tried for years to adapt Stephen King's epic for the big screen.
Fangoria#358 p.84 If He Did It: That Time OJ Simpson Almost Starred In Dawn Of The Dead
George R. Romero could have locked in a bigger budget for his zombie epic by casting a name actor, and the money men had a doozy all picked out for him.