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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
88 zoekresultaten gevonden met "Halloween":
Fangoria#5 p.10 John Carpenter's The Fog
Rolling into theatres across the country... an epic ghost tale from the creators of Halloween.
Fangoria#7 p.61 Halloween 2
Fangoria#8 p.14 Fade to Black
Producer George Braunstein takes us behind the scenes of the new film from the company that brought you Halloween.
Fangoria#8 p.22 John Carpenter
The man who broke into Hollywood "Escape(s) from New York" - with a few stops in between.
Fangoria#8 p.42 Irwin Yablans: Fade to Halloween 2?
Producer Irwin Yablans reveals some of his future plans, of which Halloween 2 seems to be the most promising.
Fangoria#9 p.24 A Mini-Interview With Jamie Lee Curtis
Jeff Gelb, a corresopndent for the WNBC-FM radio netwerk, recently spoke with Jamie Lee Curtis for NBC's information and entertainment feature "The Source."
Fangoria#13 p.17 P.J. Soles
Our Fantasy Film Femme Fatale Series continues with FANGO's favorite cheerleader
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#1 p.20 Jamie Lee Curtis
In her final encounter - only this time, the maniac is carrying a tape recorder!
Fangoria#17 p.34 An Interview With Rick Rosenthal
Are You Ready For Ivy League Terror?
Fangoria#18 p.60 Halloween III Rumors
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.30 Take: One, Part: 2, Landis, Cronenberg, Carpenter
Fear on Film Continues! Moderated by Mick Garris.
Fangoria#28 p.62 Horror Video Games
Fangoria#30 p.38 On Composing for Halloween
Varese-Sarabande has at last released the fright-film fan's most sought-after soundtrack. We greet the occasion with some words from the composer...
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#0 p.46 Dark. Deadly. Danielle.
It doesn't have to be October for Danielle Harris to get into the "Halloween" spirit.
Fangoria#58 p.19 King of the Creeps
Carpenter veteran Tom ("Halloween III") Atkins takes on coed zombies and wants to be the next Vincent Price.
Fangoria#58 p.47 Trick or Treat
A headbanger from Hell wreaks havoc in a new Halloween movie that mixes heavy metal and horror!
Fangoria#70 p.35 Prison Breaks Out
Bars and stone walls can't protect you when a wrongfully executed man wants to get even, says "Halloween" producer Irwin Yablans.
Fangoria#79 p.2 Scream Greats #54: Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Free Poster. Scream Greats #54: Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Fangoria#79 p.20 Halloween 4 ... The return of Michael Myers
C'mon, now, did you really think the Shape was dead? Screen legend Donald Pleasence battles that Myers kid one more time.
Fangoria#80 p.52 Donald Pleasence is not a Madman
Well on his way to becoming the British John Carradine, the venerable actor shares some pet peeves and insights.
Fangoria#86 p.10 Halloween 5
Fangoria#87 p.36 Myers cries! Loomis dies! On Set with Halloween 5
Back in the yearly slaughter business, the Shape pulls a few surprises out of his sleeve.
Fangoria#91 p.7 The Postal Zone
"Halloween 5" harangued, "Friday" stupid "Friday."
Fangoria#98 p.2 Scream Greats: Halloween 5
Free Poster. Scream Greats: Halloween 5
Fangoria#98 p.7 The Postal Zone
"Halloween" hacking; Motormouth massacred
Fangoria#98 p.10 The Horror Hall of Fame
Robert Englund toasts the genre's finest in the Halloween special The Horror Hall of Fame.
Fangoria#107 p.4 Happy Halloween!??
Halloween celebrations
Fangoria#128 p.6 Postal Zone
Defending the Sci-Fi Channel and the "Halloween" sequels.
Fangoria#147 p.39 Stop Calling Us! Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is Here!
Break out the jack o'lanterns again as a new sequel attempts to get the long-running series back in Shape.
Fangoria#147 p.42 The Lost "Halloween"
Long off the project, Quentin Tarantino ponders whether getting involved in the latest Halloween was a good idea.
Fangoria#147 p.44 Loomis' Last Call
Donald Pleasence's return to the famous franchise proved to be his swan song.
Fangoria#148 p.20 The New Faces of Halloween
A pair of fresh young talents hope to make their mark on the franchise revealing the Shape's secrets.
Fangoria#148 p.26 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
[The filmmakers have] rewritten the myth, overexplaining something which shouldn't have been explained in the first place.
Fangoria#172 p.8 Kevin Williamson's Latest
New "Halloween" and more
Fangoria#199 p.71 Halloween 5
Fangoria#208 p.62 Stab in the Hood
Indie stalwart David DeCoteau delivers slashers and seduction to the Halloween video scene.
Fangoria#217 p.10 Monsterfest 24/7
More Halloween terrors with John Carpenter
Fangoria#217 p.75 Death Makes a Holiday: A Cultural History of Halloween
Fangoria#227 p.6 Halloween Hit Parade
Packin' the pumpkin
Fangoria#227 p.8 "Halloween" Convention
The weekend they all come home
Fangoria#227 p.10 Van Helsing's Curse
Rocking your Halloween
Fangoria#264 p.8 Halloween
The night he comes back home
Fangoria#264 p.10 Trick 'r Treat
Generations of Halloween horror
Fangoria#265 p.44 It's Halloween Again
And Rob Zombie is making sure you've never experienced an October 31 like this before.
Fangoria#265 p.49 Michael's Mane Event
The role of Michael in the Halloween remake is bigger -in many ways- than ever before.
Fangoria#266 p.32 A Zombie for Halloween
The rocker-turned-filmmaker attacked the Michael Myers saga with a combination of respect and revisionism.
Fangoria#266 p.35 Scout's Horror
Halloween heroine Scout Taylor-Compton is used to grave situations from her real life.
Fangoria#267 p.14 Halloween Horror Nights
New maniacs in residence
Fangoria#267 p.38 Little Miss Halloween
Danielle Harris proves she's a woman now in the remake - even if she still can't escape Michael Myers.
Fangoria#277 p.4 Halloween Treats
Halloween hit parade
Fangoria#277 p.6 Halloween Horror Nights
Fear is Universal again
Fangoria#277 p.78 Halloween and Other Seasons
Fangoria#285 p.42 H2 Oh No! Part One
Rob Zombie returns to "Halloween" to reveal what really happened after the night he came home.
Fangoria#286 p.25 Carry On Screaming Halloween II Part Two
Michael Myers has a new look and some new tricks as he stalks through Rob Zombie's sequel.
Fangoria#287 p.6 Hooray for Halloween!
Halloween hurrahs
Fangoria#288 p.22 Celebrating Halloween II
The creators and cast look back at the original night he came back home.
Fangoria#298 p.55 The Paul Lynde Halloween Special
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special features KISS.
Fangoria#300 p.41 Halloween
Fangoria#302 p.59 Danning with Praise
Sexy and dangerous, Sybil Danning was nobody's shrieking heroine.
Fangoria#303 p.42 John Carpenter - A Ward Winner
Coming full circle with another tale of teen girls in terror, the famed director reflects on a career in fear.
Fangoria#303 p.45 John Carpenter's Movie Macabre
The horror movies from John Carpenter.
Fangoria#303 p.92 Alan Howarth's Halloween Tunes
Alan Howarth on his Carpenter collaborations
Fangoria#308 p.64 Halloween Horror Girls's Club
What scares the woman of horror this Halloween
Fangoria#314 p.34 Danielle Harris: Queen of Blood
Harris on her full fright filmography
Fangoria#317 p.60 Class of 1982: The Mask Factor
Stacey Nelkin - "Halloween III: Season of the Witch" - Most likely to skip trick-or-treating
Fangoria#318 p.72 Bates Motel - A Mother of a Haunt
The haunted attractions offer multitudes of monsters for Halloween.
Fangoria#318 p.73 Descend into the Netherworld
The haunted attractions offer multitudes of monsters for Halloween.
Fangoria#318 p.76 Halloween III: Season of the Witch / Halloween II
Fangoria#319 p.64 Silent Night, Double Night
Before he was Michael Myers, Don Shanks wielded weapons and did stunts for a killer Santa.
Fangoria#328 p.60 Halloween
Fangoria#337 p.58 Shooting the Bogeyman
Photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker's new book aims a lens at John Carpenter's famous creations.
Fangoria#337 p.69 Fangoria's Top 10 Most Terrifying Haunts!
Where to get your scare on this Halloween season!
Fangoria#340 p.54 VHS YES!
A look at some choice horror flicks still stuck in analog limbo.
Fangoria#344 p.12 Tales of Halloween - Tricks, Treats and Terror
A gallery of horrific talents comes together to celebrate our favorite holiday. Fangoria Fantasia Seal of Approval.
Fangoria#346 p.22 Thrill Us!
In the 36 years since making his horror debut in "The Fog," Tom Atkins has gone from character actor to cult-favorite bad-ass.
Fangoria#349 p.22 Back To 1: On The Set Of The Halloween Requel
Blumhouse and an unlikely creative team lure Jamie Lee Curtis back to Haddonfield for a risky reset.
Fangoria#349 p.28 The Two Shapes Speak
An interview with the originam Michael Myers star Nick Castle and the new one James Jude Courtney.
Fangoria#349 p.30 Detour Through Haddonfield
How the director of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS found himself rewriting HALLOWEEN history.
Fangoria#349 p.32 The Changing Shape
Sequalizing Michael Myers has had mixed results on his mistique.
Fangoria#349 p.36 The Bastard Sons (And Daughters) of Michael Myers
John Carpenter's Halloween spawned a lot more sequels.
Fangoria#349 p.42 Halloween's Abandoned Continuity
The franchise has a Thorn-y history of do-overs.
Fangoria#349 p.46 My Myers House
Kenny Caperton built an incredible Halloween homage. It changed his life.
Fangoria#353 p.14 Submitted For The Approval of The Midnight Society
On the Set of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Nickelodeon brings back the beloved '90s kid horror series just in time for Halloween.
Fangoria#353 p.48 Happy Halloween and Hail Baphomet: On Set With Satanic Panic
FANGORIA's new picture gets devilish with it. Join us for the mayhem.
Fangoria#353 p.72 Dark Ride
As a child, Michael Aiello's love of horror was born from attending Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Now he's running the show - and indoctrinating a whole new generation of fans.
Fangoria#357 p.6 Halloween Streams
How Shudder and streaming services saved Halloween 2020.
Fangoria#357 p.12 Best on the Big Screen
Being denied the theatrical experience really makes one appreciate the all-time greatest big-screen viewings.
Fangoria#359 p.6 Shudder's Halfway to Halloween Event Unleashes History-Inspired Horrors From the UK