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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
60 zoekresultaten gevonden met "John Carpenter":
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#5 p.16 John Carpenter: Of Fog and Things
With new fantasies on the horizon, the noted genre filmmaker looks back at where his screen talents have taken him.
Fangoria#5 p.10 John Carpenter's The Fog
Rolling into theatres across the country... an epic ghost tale from the creators of Halloween.
Fangoria#6 p.63 John Carpenter's Next
Fangoria#7 p.61 Escape From New York
Fangoria#8 p.22 John Carpenter
The man who broke into Hollywood "Escape(s) from New York" - with a few stops in between.
Fangoria#10 p.19 An Anatomy of Terror
What makes terror work? And what will frighten us in 1981? We asked John Carpenter, Avco Embassy Pictures, Sean Cunningham, Richard Rubinstein, Don Coscareli, the Jerry Gross Organisation, New World Pictures - and lots more people who should know!
Fangoria#17 p.59 The Thing
The Thing just completed principal photography.
Fangoria#17 p.60 Carpenters Next
Sequel to Escape From New York or maybe Firestarter?
Fangoria#18 p.48 On Location With The Thing
We launch our continuing coverage of Carpenter's latest with a conversation with cinematographer Dean Cundey!
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.30 Take: One, Part: 2, Landis, Cronenberg, Carpenter
Fear on Film Continues! Moderated by Mick Garris.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.50 Dr. Cyclops Extra: Blood Feast
John Carpenter says it's the only movie that ever offended him.
Fangoria#24 p.5 The Postal Zone
A Cujo exclusive! H.G. Lewis on David Letterman! A message to John Carpenter!
Fangoria#28 p.62 John Carpenter
Fangoria#30 p.38 On Composing for Halloween
Varese-Sarabande has at last released the fright-film fan's most sought-after soundtrack. We greet the occasion with some words from the composer...
Fangoria#30 p.45 Dark Star
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#3 p.14 Richard Kobritz and Christine
The man who brought John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper to television invites you along for a Hell-bound joyride!
Fangoria#102 p.10 Carpenter Update
John Carpenter prepares to take on the '90s.
Fangoria#110 p.42 Memoires of an Invisible Director
Though it incorporates genre elements, John Carpenter's new "Memoires of an Invisible Man" is not a horror film - and he likes it that way.
Fangoria#117 p.10 Carpenter's Next
John Carpenter looks at his future.
Fangoria#126 p.44 Body Bags of Fear and Fun
Can the market bear another cable horror anthology? We'd bet on it, with John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper and other terror titans on board.
Fangoria#134 p.10 Escape from New York" contest
John Carpenter's futuristic action hit Escape from New York is returning to tape
Fangoria#140 p.32 Master of Madness
John Carpenter knows that the horror genre needs a facelift, and his "In the Mouth of Madness" might do the trick.
Fangoria#140 p.36 In the Mouth of Madness
"As with all films inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the horrors eschew the 'unspeakability' of their literary companions."
Fangoria#143 p.40 Village of the Damned - The Eyes (Still) Have It
John Carpenter returns to small-town terror -and a chiller classic- with a tale of possessed children.
Fangoria#195 p.61 The Films of John Carpenter
Fangoria#205 p.16 Ghosts of Mars - Rule Their Planet
John Carpenter inverts "The Thing" by having aliens attack humans on their home turf.
Fangoria#210 p.61 Ghosts of Mars
Fangoria#217 p.10 Monsterfest 24/7
More Halloween terrors with John Carpenter
Fangoria#228 p.75 John Carpenter: The Prince of Darkness
Fangoria#229 p.46 Escape From New York
Fangoria#271 p.81 Haun of the Dead
Actress Lindsey Haun comes a long way since her debut as a killer kid in John Carpenter's underrated 1995 remake of the Village of the Damned.
Fangoria#297 p.6 The Ward
Crazy for new Carpenter
Fangoria#300 p.36 The Fog
Fangoria#300 p.41 Halloween
Fangoria#300 p.83 The Thing
Fangoria#301 p.19 Under Their Wheels
The best of... movies that feature cars.
Fangoria#303 p.42 John Carpenter - A Ward Winner
Coming full circle with another tale of teen girls in terror, the famed director reflects on a career in fear.
Fangoria#303 p.45 John Carpenter's Movie Macabre
The horror movies from John Carpenter.
Fangoria#303 p.46 Christine Rolls On
John Carpenter's adaptation of Stephen King's best seller has driven quite a fan base.
Fangoria#303 p.57 Someone's Watching Me!
Carpenter's TV chiller "Someone's Watching Me!"
Fangoria#307 p.36 The Latest Thing
It's out of the ice and terrorizing its original victims in a prequel to John Carpenter's masterpiece.
Fangoria#308 p.78 Carpenter Builds an "Asylum"
"Asylum" Fresh off "The Ward," John Carpenter gets up to some four-color deviltry.
Fangoria#311 p.51 When Fear Was Served at Horror Cafe
Two decades ago, six masters of horror sat down for dinner and a debate on the nature of terror.
Fangoria#322 p.82 Warner's "4 Film Favorites: Twisted Terror Collection"
Warner's "4 Film Favorites: Twisted Terror Collection"
Fangoria#328 p.60 Halloween
Fangoria#328 p.60 Prince of Darkness
Fangoria#337 p.58 Shooting the Bogeyman
Photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker's new book aims a lens at John Carpenter's famous creations.
Fangoria#339 p.5 Music to their fears
Music to their fears
Fangoria#339 p.42 The Prince of Synth
Filmmaker and electronic composer John Carpenter discusses his new album and classic soundtracks.
Fangoria#339 p.46 Lost Themes
Review of John Carpenter's album Lost Themes.
Fangoria#343 p.60 The Vinyl Chapter
Great horror-movie music has been proliferating on a resurrected format.
Fangoria#347 p.12 Maestro Macabre
40 Years after ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, John Carpenter takes his iconic scores on tour for the first time.
Fangoria#349 p.32 The Changing Shape
Sequalizing Michael Myers has had mixed results on his mistique.
Fangoria#349 p.36 The Bastard Sons (And Daughters) of Michael Myers
John Carpenter's Halloween spawned a lot more sequels.
Fangoria#349 p.42 Halloween's Abandoned Continuity
The franchise has a Thorn-y history of do-overs.
Fangoria#350 p.64 John Carpenter's Firestarter
In 1983, the director of Christine very nearly adapted a different Stephen King story altogether.
Fangoria#356 p.52 Back To Antonio Bay - The Fog at 40
Fangoria#356 p.57 Apocalypse Talk with John Carpenter & Edgar Wright
Fangoria#358 p.90 Perception Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder
Barbara chews on the universal question: What makes a great horror film?
Fangoria#359 p.52 The Carpenter Sound
The synthwave resurgence has given the iconic horror director a new chapter to his storied career.