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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.
85 zoekresultaten gevonden met "Stephen King":
Fangoria#3 p.46 Stephen King Living in
The author of such horror epics as Carrie and 'Salem's Lot talks of his visit on the set of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - another of King's tales of terror.
Fangoria#4 p.38 On the Set of 'Salem's Lot
Stephen King's best-selling novel becomes a major television production
Fangoria#6 p.26 Stephen King and George A. Romero: Collaboration in Terror
Considering the popular and critical acclaim both men have received for their work in their respective media, it's not surprising to learn that the two are mutual admirers.
Fangoria#8 p.63 The Dead Zone and Firestarter
Fangoria#18 p.61 Danse Macabre
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#2 p.40 On (and off) The Set of Creepshow
Tom Savini at work; Stephen King at Home.
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#3 p.20 Evil Dead
Stephen King calls it "the most ferociously original movie of 1982."
Fangoria#29 p.14 On The Set Of Dead Zone Part Two
Uncle Bob's talk with David Cronenberg and screenwriter Jeffrey Boam from the set of the Stephen King adaptation.
Fangoria#30 p.21 Cujo
Lewis Teague, the Alligator Director, Talks About Bringing Stephen King's Rabid Saint Bernard to the Screen.
Fangoria#30 p.54 Christine
Fangoria#35 p.37 Cycle of the Werewolf
Fangoria#35 p.38 The Stephen King Interview
Part one of our exclusive interview with the master horror novelist.
Fangoria#35 p.42 Stephen King's Children of the Corn
The new regime at New World Pictures tackles its first horror film.
Fangoria#35 p.56 On The Set of Firestarter
Exclusive Scoop! It's not a horror picture!
The Bloody Best of Fangoria#4 p.16 The Stephen King Interview Part 2
The conclusion of Fango's exclusive talk with the Master of Horror: The Dead Zone, Cujo and The Stand.
Fangoria#42 p.10 Horror Partners
Bestselling novelists Stephen King and Peter Straub on their long-awaited collaboration, The Talisman.
Fangoria#42 p.63 Silver Bullet
Fangoria#44 p.39 The Talisman
The Talisman written Stephen King and Peter Straub.
Fangoria#45 p.2 Scream Greats #20: Creepshow
"Scream Greats" Pull-Out Poster #20 Stephen King in 'Creepshow'
Fangoria#45 p.60 Stephen King: The Art of Darkness
Fangoria#51 p.30 Meet Clive Barker
"The future name in horror fiction." -Stephen King
Fangoria#53 p.32 The Bachman Books
Fangoria#55 p.17 Kingdom of Fear: The World of Stephen King
Fangoria#57 p.46 Maximum FX for "Maximum Overdrive"
Southern makeup FX newcomer Dean Gates provides the mayhem behind Stephen King's marauding murder machines
Fangoria#57 p.56 Uncovering "The Body"* - *a.k.a. "Stand By Me"
Question: When is a Stephen King movie not a Stephen King movie? Answer: When Rob ("Meathead") Reiner makes one.
Fangoria#58 p.22 Stephen King Takes a Vacation - Part Two
After writing and directing "Maximum Overdrive," the bestselling author unleashes "IT" and three more horror novels.
Fangoria#64 p.18 Horror in Print: John Skipp & Craig Spector
The authors of "The Light at the End" and "The Cleanup" bring together Stephen King and friends for the first literary zombie celebrity bash.
Fangoria#64 p.26 On the road with Creepshow 2
Fango drops in on the sequel to the King/Romero E.C. tribute, where we find a dead hitchhiker, friends of Tom Savini and - what? No cockroaches?!
Fangoria#82 p.19 Landscape of Fear: Stephen King's American Gothic
Fangoria#82 p.19 The Gothic World of Stephen King
Fangoria#87 p.26 The Return of the King
Relax, this wordslinger isn't hanging his guns up yet. And he isn't going mainstream either.
Fangoria#87 p.44 Audiodrome
King, Barker, Rice, Poe - they're all part of a new listenable literature. Careful! It's got teeth.
Fangoria#98 p.34 Oh, Rats! It's Graveyard Shift
Hundreds of rodents and a monster named Arlene provide the chills in the latest Stephen King story to hit the screen.
Fangoria#98 p.38 Check It Out
Stephen King's gargantuan best seller comes to television, but don't worry - not all the good stuff got cut out.
Fangoria#98 p.57 Four Past Midnight
Fangoria#99 p.6 The Once and Future...
King on the big screen
Fangoria#99 p.22 King's Lot: King Talks Part One
In his first interview in years, "the New York Yankees of horror" discusses the all-media terror assault he launched this fall.
Fangoria#103 p.10 "The Lawnmower Man" & "The Mangler"
Stephen King tries to hold onto the few books of his that have yet to hit the silver screen.
Fangoria#105 p.28 Bleedful Kings
Making a rare personal appearance screamin' Stephen lets us know what he thought of the last crop of adaptations and previews works to come.
Fangoria#105 p.31 Stephen King's Golden Years
Unveiling His First TV Series
Fangoria#106 p.40 Lovecraft Lives: The Lurking Film Projects
These days, it seems like Lovecraft has replaced Stephen King as the source author of choice. Here's a look at why, and what's coming up.
Fangoria#107 p.69 Needful Things
Fangoria#110 p.10 Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
These unknowns are eternally grateful for the small parts director Mick Garrie allowed them.
Fangoria#111 p.32 The Lawnmower Man - On the (Grass) Cutting Edge
A new form of computer science is combined with a visceral Stephen King story, and the result is a unique blend of technology and thrills.
Fangoria#111 p.36 Sleepwalkers Awaken
Can an ordinary housecat defeat a mother-son team of bloodthirsty shapeshifters? Only Mick Garris, Stephen King and cameo-heavy cast know for sure.
Fangoria#112 p.50 Confessions of a Lawnmower Man
"Body Parts" actor Jeff Fahey had to be talked into taking the lead in this hi-tech Stephen King thriller.
Fangoria#113 p.26 Cinema Cats and Dogs Part 1
Stephen King explores the genesis of "Sleepwalkers" and finally reveals what horrifies him the most - sequels!
Fangoria#114 p.25 Book to the Future Part Two
In which Stephen King deals with unbalanced fans, a cancelled TV show and looks forward to the day he doesn't have to write a novel.
Fangoria#117 p.60 Gerald's Game
Fangoria#119 p.68 Dolores Claiborne
Fangoria#123 p.46 Tommyknockers at the Door
Taking another stab at Stephen King terror, ABC went halfway around the world to shoot his tale of alien possession.
Fangoria#128 p.69 Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Fangoria#129 p.33 The Literary Lycanthrope
Beast within, serial killer or animal spirit? The werewolf myth has undergone many changes in its numerous written variations.
Fangoria#139 p.8 The Langoliers
Langoliers director Tom Holland points out to author/bit player Stephen King where most of the miniseries will be shot.
Fangoria#140 p.74 Insomnia
Fangoria#207 p.8 Black House
King and Straub - together again
Fangoria#207 p.75 The Essential Stephen King
Fangoria#208 p.73 Black House
Fangoria#210 p.50 In the Red
Craig Baxley encores as a director of Stephen King miniseries with "Rose Red".
Fangoria#222 p.30 A Dream to Write
Nobody knows anything. William Goldman likes to say, but he seems to be an expert at adapting Stephen King.
Fangoria#229 p.14 Hollywood's Stephen King
A book on the films of Stephen King.
Fangoria#264 p.34 1408 The Room of Doom
A foreign director and two strong actors checked into this adaptation of Stephen King's celebrated story.
Fangoria#265 p.68 2 Writers 4 1408
Horror-feature newcomers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski proved the right choice for this Stephen King script.
Fangoria#272 p.87 Duma Key
Book of the Month
Fangoria#289 p.50 What's Scary - Part One
Who better to address that subject than the modern master of literary terror?
Fangoria#289 p.78 Lilja's Library: The World of Stephen King
Book of the Month
Fangoria#290 p.54 What's Scary - Part Two
The terror titan offers his picks of the very best in modern screen fear. See if you agree...
Fangoria#290 p.72 Under the Dome
Book of the Month
Fangoria#301 p.19 Under Their Wheels
The best of... movies that feature cars.
Fangoria#303 p.46 Christine Rolls On
John Carpenter's adaptation of Stephen King's best seller has driven quite a fan base.
Fangoria#309 p.90 The Encyclopedia of Horror
An "Encyclopedia of Horror" on rare laserdisc
Fangoria#319 p.8 What Were They Thinking?
"Carrie: The Musical" - the book
Fangoria#320 p.74 William Tells
It was kill and be killed when William McMamara took roles in psychopathic cinema.
Fangoria#321 p.58 Carrie - The New (Pig's) Blood
Kimberly Peirce mines Stephen King afresh, directing this year's film verion.
Fangoria#327 p.46 Carrie It Forward
Chloe Grace Moretz tackled the challenge of reinventing Stephen King's telekinetic girl head on.
Fangoria#327 p.49 From Stephen King to Jughead
The remake scripter's "Afterlife With Archie" comic.
Fangoria#327 p.50 Carrie's Other Mother
Actress Piper Laurie made a triumphant comeback as the screen's first Stephen King villain.
Fangoria#327 p.52 Carrie by Stephen King
Looking back at Stephen King's original "Carrie" novel
Fangoria#328 p.56 Life and Death Under the Dome
Actress Samantha Mathis is one of the trapped visitors to Stephen King's TV town.
Fangoria#330 p.18 Pet Sematary Memories - Part Two
Completing his coverage of the Stephen King's hit meant asking some tough questions.
Fangoria#350 p.64 John Carpenter's Firestarter
In 1983, the director of Christine very nearly adapted a different Stephen King story altogether.
Fangoria#351 p.40 Unholy Resurrection: Back To The Pet Sematary
Two filmmakers step up to tell Stephen King's classic for modern audiences.
Fangoria#353 p.22 Threading The Needle
In merging the Stephen King novel DOCTOR SLEEP with Stanley Kubrick"s THE SHINING, writer/director Mike Flanagan sets out to navigate "an impossible corner."
Fangoria#353 p.30 The Creepshow Must Go On
Joe Hill and Greg Nicotero pick up where Stephen King and George Romero left off with Shudder's Creepshow
Fangoria#356 p.68 The Stand Not Taken
George A. Romero - and many others - tried for years to adapt Stephen King's epic for the big screen.