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Horror is wel echt mijn ding. Daarom ook heb ik een abonnement op het Amerikaanse maandblad Fangoria. Meer nog: ik verzamel oude nummers van dit bloederig magazine.

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Fangoria #295

augustus 2010

4 First Rites: Horror: it's not just a game+
6 Monster Invasion
The Dead Matter+
Chain Letter+
The Outback+
Road Kill+
The 2010 Fangoria Chainsaw Award Winners!
DVD Chopping List
17 Preview: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams - One Crazy Road Trip+
20 Interview: From Canine to Cannibal+
22 Interview: If You're Fragile He'll [REC] Ya+
26 On Set: Predators in the Midst+
28 Terror Tube: "Dead of Night" - Episode 3: "Bobby"+
30 Preview: Back into the Splatterhouse+
33 A Brief History of Horror Gaming+
35 On Set: Deadly Salvage Operation+
38 On Set: True Blood Bites Deeper+
42 On Set: Parasomnia - Sleep on This!+
46 Biography: More Malone Morbidity+
49 Preview: Sushi Typhoon - A Perfect Storm of Gore+
52 Trash Compactor: Possession+
54 The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops
The Horseman+
Horror Hospital+
Burning Inside+
Southern Gothic+
Hard Ride to Hell+
Dark Nature+
58 Preview: The Depths of the American Grindhouse+
62 From Grindhouse Into the Art House+
64 Interview: Still Crazies After All These Years+
66 Preview: A Serbian Film To Disturb You+
70 Horrorcade
Just Cause 2+
Monster Hunter Tri+
Dead to Rights: Retribution+
Samurai Showdown Sen+
73 Nightmare Library
The Whisperers by John Connolly+
The Passage by Justin Cronin+
Shakespeare Undead by Lori Handeland+
So Cold the River by Michael Koryta+
Fantastic TV: 50 Years of Cult Fantasy and Science Fiction by Steven Saville+
76 Sound Shock: Coil's Lost "Hellraiser" Soundtrack+
82 Monster of the Month: Reverend Lowe from "Silver Bullet" (1985)+