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  • Hägar

    Collectie vertaalde Hägar cartoons van 6 januari 2000 tot en met 20 december 2000.... [meer]

    Aantal delen: 6
  • Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

    Based on the Fifth Avenue Entertainment Ltd. Production Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Hailed as the Prince of hell, Leviathan's favorite son has given horror a new face; the last face you'll see before damnation's doors open wide. But no one is going to hell, this time. Now, the evil is coming to... [meer]

  • Hellraiser Nightbreed - Jihad

    LIVING HELL MEETS THE DEAD OF NIGHT It's been foretold in the icy malevolence of the stars. A diabolic high priest offering down a prayer for war -- a war waged in the name of the cold altar of the inferal. An undead messiah and his monstrous flock steeling themselves against a battle for what's left... [meer]

    Aantal delen: 2
  • The Hills Have Eyes - The Beginning

    Deep within the remote hills of the New Mexico desert, a group of townspeople thought wiped out by the United States government when it began above-ground atomic testing has returned to the now-irradiated land they still claim as their home. Within the eye of this nuclear storm good people will go bad,... [meer]

  • Hokum & Hex

    Vol. 1, No. 1, September 1993. An all new tradition of Magic and Mayham. Hokum & Hex is a modern take on an ancient subject: the shaman -hero who stands at the doorway to another dimension, guarding the earth from forces that attempt to pass through that portal and wreak havoc amongst us. Instead... [meer]

    Aantal delen: 9
  • The Horrorist

    The Horrorist is a woman of mystery - but much more than a woman. Arising amongst african chaos, war, and starvation, she migrates north, crossing the poverty line - an angel without mercy, bringing the pain of the world back home to America... leaving a trail of murder, suicide, and destroyed lives... [meer]

    Aantal delen: 2
  • Hyperkind

    Vol. 1, No. 1, September 1993. All new raw heroes for a new generation. Hyperkind is unequivocally a super hero title, with a twist. The New Heroes, the Hyperkind, are four young people who have taken on the mantle of a much older band of champions, called Paxis. They are literally stepping into the... [meer]

    Aantal delen: 9
  • Hyperkind Unleashed

    Vol. 1, No.1, August 1994. Giant-sized Action! Plus: An Adventure of Hokum and Hex! It will take many adventures for the Neo Paxis to fully comprehend the powers that they have been granted, but each is best paralleled with a level of human consciousness. George Yaneda has become a creature of pure... [meer]